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Expert Wheel Alignment

Improve your car's handling and minimise wear on your tyres with expert wheel alignment at ELITEDIRECT.COM in Rainham, Essex. We have one of the best tyre alignment centres in the UK with all the latest equipment and a team of experienced and highly trained technicians.

Save Fuel, Save Money

Correctly aligned wheels could save you up to 10% in fuel and increase the life of your tyres by as much as 25%. This could save you significant amounts of money down the road. Aligning your wheels also improves comfort, handling, and safety while reducing steering and stability problems.

What Is Wheel Alignment?

Wheel alignment, or tyre tracking, is a standard part of vehicle maintenance and consists of adjusting the angles of the wheels so that they meet the specification set out by the manufacturer. This reduces tyre wear and helps the vehicle travel straight without pulling to one side. We also alter tyre alignment angles beyond the manufacturer's specification if you are looking to achieve a specific handling characteristic, for example if your vehicle is being used for motor sports or driven off-road.

Tyre Repairs

Causes of Misalignment

There are a number of factors that can cause your wheels to come out of alignment. These include driving against a kerb or hitting a pothole. Excessive wear on steering and suspension can contribute to misalignment. Misalignment can also happen when suspension components are replaced.

Fast Service

With four alignment bays you'll rarely have to wait to have your wheels aligned. Most front and rear alignment problems can be solved in around 30 minutes while you enjoy a nice cup of tea.

Contact us to save money with precision wheel alignment.